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The children attending Promise Village Academy learn English and master the core subjects required by the Tanzania government.  The children will also learn techniques for growing their own food in the large garden and greenhouse along with how to raise and care for chickens as part of our poultry project. These important skills will give students the information needed to prevent stunted growth that comes from malnutrition and food insecurity that is prevalent among the Maasai families in the area.

Promise Village Academy, located in the village of Lenjani, Tanzania, opened in 2019. The school serves children in Pre-K - 5th Grade.  


In 2020, with the partnership of the Lynn Family Foundation and Water Boys, a water well was drilled bringing clean water for the students to drink.  Previously the children only had access to low quality water and had to travel 3 to 5 miles to gather that water.

In partnership with the Lynn Family Foundation and Play Unites Us, a new school playground was built in 2020. The new addition provided a healthy way to boost morale, increase physical activity, and encourage school participation. Thanks to many generous donors, a new school garden was also built. This allows for the students to learn agriculture while also providing the school with nutrients. 


As of  2022, the school now has 10 classrooms and 4 bathrooms. Since the schools opening in 2019, 6 additional classrooms have been built along with a cafeteria, 2 new children’s bathrooms, an administrative building, and the  teacher’s quarters.  Promise Village Academy will grow by adding one new grade level each year with the long term goal of offering classes through High School. 

In  2022, through the generosity of Dr. Richard and Sandy Jackson, a state of the art Library was built.  The Library has over 7,000 books and, powered by solar panels, offers computers with internet connectivity, something not seen elsewhere in the region.  The Library is where the children will learn the importance of literature and books.

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