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Thank You!

We deeply appreciate your generous donation, which helps enable these Maasai children to live up to their full potential!

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Watch this video to learn more about what your donation will support!

The operating costs of Promise Village Academy is underwritten by our generous donors like you; therefore 100% of your donation will go to educating the students who live in one of the poorest areas of Tanzania!

Your donation is tax-deductible and goes toward educating children at the Promise Village Academy.

Your Donation Helps Provide 


The children of the Maasai are at risk of malnutrition because healthy food is not readily available to them. With your gift,
we can ensure clean water from the school well and balanced meals each day for optimal learning and
a chance to thrive.


Your Donation Helps Provide 


The faculty at PVA is a team of dedicated and caring individuals. They have created a stable, nurturing environment for these children, allowing them to develop both academically and socially.


Your Donation Helps Provide 


Education can be difficult to access for the Maasai children. With this gift, you enable PVA to provide the much-required resources, teachers, and materials needed for these children to succeed.


Your Donation Helps Provide 


We often take for granted the access we have each been given in our life to basics like food, water, an education, and a chance to build a future. This generous monthly gift will give each deserving child the opportunity to create a bright future and reach their full potential!

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