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Donna Gunn

Board Member

In 2010, following a fact finding visit to Tanzania, Dr. Donna Gunn was so moved by the plight of the children that she returned to the US determined to help. Dr. Gunn is a lifelong educator, so it was only natural that she felt one of the greatest needs of the children in rural Tanzania was an opportunity to learn. She founded the Africa’s Promise Village (APV) with three other educators and has never looked back! Her mission statement, Education, Clean Water, and Improved Health Care can clearly be seen in the work taking place at the Promise Village Academy in rural Tanzania where she collaborates with a team to educate the children of the Maasai.

Dr. Gunn is well suited to her role as Co-Founder and President of APV. She holds an earned doctorate from Peabody-Vanderbilt University, a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Florida, a second master’s degree from the College of Graduate Studies in West Virginia and a B.S degree in Education from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. In 2000, Dr. Gunn established her the firm, Learning, Evaluation and Resources Network in 2000. As part of her role in the firm, she served as lead evaluator on federal projects. She retired from LEARN in 2020 and now serves as consultant to education projects in third world countries including Tanzania, Nicaragua, Uganda, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Prior to becoming president of LEARN, Dr. Gunn was credentialed as a Superintendent of Schools and has enjoyed establishing and managing private schools.

Dr. Gunn has served more than 50 years in education. Over the span of her career, she has served as classroom teacher, Coordinator of Guidance, Director of Professional Development, Director of Curriculum for large school districts and University professor. She enjoyed her role teaching graduate education and counseling students at Alabama A and M in Huntsville, Alabama, University of Alaska, Anchorage and at Marshall University in West Virginia.

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